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N’importe nawakkkkk…



Je crois que j’ai rarement autant ri devant mon écran :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: 8O


c’est la magie de noel
I’m the girl from “Malodrax’s” story… someone sent it to me saying it was “hilarious”. I read through it and I shocked to find that incident posted like this on the net in such detail… as I saw the pics, it brought flashbacks of that night and it just makes me sick thining about it.I don’t know how can you just post this stuff like this for everyone to laugh at? I’m glad people find this funny, because I really don’t! I read through your replies, and it sounds like you have some issues, even tho I can relate to your cleanliness issues, but peeing in bottles? What the hell? I’ve seen your post about your skin condition and the social anxiety and stress from it. I don’t know what to think. your weird, but your explanations seem sincere. As bothered as i am about all this, I think that maybe i should have at least given you a chance to explain yourself.

et deux post plus loin

omg I just read your posts about a sex doll you made? I don’t know if your some psycho, or some creep, or just making some perverted joke, but you seem like a creep… I don’t know anymore how sincere your explanations are. And you wanted to call me and explain yourself?? That’s the last time I give my number out to guys i don’t know.

et ça ne s’arrete jamais

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to people that know malodrax from the forum. does he seem like a harmful or threatening person? or does he just make jokes? I’m getting concerned right now after seeing his sex doll posts.
His ass exploaded all over your bathroom, he has a home made sex doll from years ago, he secretly video tapes people at the mall, he pees in bottles and throws them on school roofs and you’re asksing if he’s a creep? WOW strong lack of common sense.



dans un autre genre, ce site dépote pas mal aussi


Il a dû utiliser cet excellent logiciel : poladroid.net/download.html qui polarise vos photos :mrgreen:





Ca fracasse la yeux, ya de bien jolis clichés dans les archives


8O elle doit avoir mal au dos la madame :langue:


Diantre ! Celle d’aujourd’hui me fait quelque chose !!! 8O Faut pas regarder ça quand on est célibataire … mais alors pas du tout ! :laughing:


ça m’étonnes pas que Kami connaisse un truc pareil :laughing:


“Mes Favoris” viennent de se remplir !


Pareil :mrgreen:


http://www.savoir-inutile.com/?id=179 :laughing:






Toujours dans le coup que veux tu :wink:


putavidademierda.com/ :mrgreen:


Putain mais MERCI CWOUTON pour ce bonheur quotidien!!!

savoir-inutile.com/?id=458 :laughing: